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Biological Research Innovation Centre and Solutions LLP (BRICS LLP) is founded in August 2015 with the prompt intention to develop sustainable and safer technologies using bio-based innovations. Our broad vision is to work with the idea RETHINK, REUSE, REBUILD with high respect to biodiversity and to the benefit to all the Stakeholders. The focus is on R&D with multifaceted approach to generate the IPRs, to design and develop safer innovative products for use in Green lifestyle practices, organic crop production, for better human health and society’s well-being.

The Motivation is on to create value addition to natural ingredients Soap nut and Shikakai to develop Eco-friendly, Natural Cleaners to substitute harmful synthetic cleaners. The goal is to address the issues of excessive foam in Synthetic Detergents and other synthetic cleaning products, its eco-hazards and in turn it should help the citizens to recycle and reuse the spent water and to minimize the environment contamination. The natural ingredients Soap nut and Shikakai are known as Nature’s gift to Clean” and traditionally used as natural soap. However, the modern lifestyle with the culture of super consumption we are trained to use hazardous synthetic detergents and other cleaning products made of sodium and potassium derived inorganic salts, Sulphate and Phosphate derived surfactants, chelators, preservatives and aromatic Benzene derivatives and synthetic dyes for its superlative benefits. These Synthetic ingredients are deleterious to the user, causes health hazards and also turn out to be detrimental to ecosystem.

            EcoSwachh 3R Natural Home Care products and EcoSattva 3R Natural Personal Care products are the trusted brands of BRICS LLP, engaged in development of efficient, safe, Eco-friendly cleaning products to use in domestic and industrial / institutional use. Our products are non-corrosive, non-hazardous, safe to the user and biodegradable.

BRICS LLP is diversified in to promotion of home garden concept for functional and safe food production through solid principles of natural farming like organic farming, community farming, urban farming, etc. We have researched and developed exclusive and unique products SasyaRakshak, NeemShakthi and MycoDim for plant protection, and Phytonic Plus for plant nutrition which can be used for crop production systems in organic urban farming. We believe that urban farming is the future in India and there is enough scope for all eco-friendly and safer inputs in home garden.

Homemade herbs in bottles as natural medicine
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