Nanotechnology for agriculture- a brief overview

The ever increasing human population and subsequent worldwide demand for food has urged for a better protection of agricultural crops from the infestation by different groups of insects. This initiated the intervention of modern techniques for the development of novel strategies of plant protection. Over the past decade, there has been a considerable amount of [...]

Urban Farming, a Critical Need for Growing Cities

It seems that “WHEN THE LAST PLANT DIES, WHEN THE LAST RIVER IS POISONED, WE REALISE THAT WE CANNOT EAT MONEY”. Industrialization, especially boom in information technology and biotechnologies, has led to people concentrating around cities.  It is time for all of us including the law makers, nutritionists, civil engineers, architects, industrialists, businessmen, farming scientists, [...]

Plant Care in Organic Terrace Gardening

The terrace gardens in particular and urban farming in general, has the basis/principle of ‘Grow what you Eat and Eat what you Grow’. While urban farming has many options, ways and adoptions, this chapter exclusively deals in brief on the methods and management practices of water, nutrients and pests for vegetable terrace gardens.    While [...]