Our research objectives at BRICS LLP are to work with 3R conceptRethink; Reuse and Rebuild. We strongly believe in developing sustainable technologies using natural.


Natural,Safe Ingredients and Nature friendly process – Product


Value addition to natural resource, Local Community development


To check pollution Converse the natural resource

Dare to Care

Many ingredients in the common home care and personal care cleaning products are harmful to young ones as the frequently in contact with toxic residues.

Let us Rethink

Modern Life with Super consumption, we seek for superlative benefits in cleaning products, detergents, bleaching agents, specialized cleaners.

Harmonious Living

We work on “Cleaning Formula” and not the “Killing Formula”. We have beneficial microbes on our skin and in our body, which is needed to fight against harmful bacteria.

Idea for Value Addition

There is large segment of synthetic products, for home care and personal hygiene in one part and abundant natural resource underutilized in other part.

Reuse – Recycle

The need of an hour is to replace these chemical driven cleaning products with Eco-friendly natural alternatives. Recycling and Reusing of water are an obligation.

Natural Ingredient’s

Many conventional cleaning products made of synthetic chemicals are carcinogens, hormone disruptors, allergens, respiratory irritants.

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