Broad spectrum antifungal agent for organic farming

Disease management in field crops and potted plants through synthetic, toxic fungicides leaves loads of residues in the harvested products and environment. Our extensive research, at Biological Research Innovation Centre and Solutions LLP, towards developing eco- friendly products for crop protection has led to MycoDim, a unique water-soluble fungicide with safe ingredients. This can be a right alternative to more toxic fungicides currently available to manage few of the dreaded plant diseases. MycoDim is a broad spectrum, contact foliar organic fungicide that prevents a variety of diseases on ornamentals, trees, potted plants, fruits, vegetables, and turfs. The active principle in MycoDim is a blend of natural compounds and synthetic substances which do not contribute to contamination of crop, soil and water. They are generally recognized as safe (GRAS) substances and widely used in food and are integral part of humans, animals, plants and practically all living organisms. It can be applied with normal spray equipment using suggested volume of water to ensure complete coverage of all stems and foliage.

The MycoDim formula has been successfully used in large-scale agricultural and commercial applications. It is used in some of the orchards, vineyards, and vegetable farms and greenhouses. In majority of trials, it has been proved to be comparable to or better than other fungicides.

What is MycoDim made of?
The active principal in MycoDim is a blend of natural compounds and synthetic substances which do not contribute to contamination of crop, soil and water. They are generally recognized as safe (GRAS) substances and widely used in food and are integral part of humans, animals, plants and practically all living organisms. All ingredients are permissible in Organic Farming and

How is MycoDim used against pathogenic fungi in crop plants?
MycoDim is a water soluble free flowing powder. Excellent results can be achieved in foliar sprays at concentrations of 5 g/l for majority of applications, repeated at 7-10 days intervals. About 200 liter of spray solution is required to cover an acre of major field crops. MycoDim can be used for organic disease management. It has been very efficient for the management of powdery mildew, and other fungal diseases of plants. The presence of neem ingredients in the composition provides repellent effect against many pests.

How to apply MycoDim to manage fungal diseases in crop plants?
MycoDim is a contact fungicide, can be used to protect the crop plants from Powdery mildew, Anthracnose, Alternaria leaf spot, Alternaria blight, Ascochyta blight, Blackspot, Botrytis blight, Botrytis gray mold, Cercospora leaf spot, Corynespora leaf spot, Diplodia tip blight, Downy mildew, Entomosporium leaf spot, Fusarium, Helminthosporium leaf spot, fruit and blossom rot, Ramularia leaf spot, Septoria leaf spot, etc. For best protection, MycoDim to be applied at first sign of disease at 5g/l and repeated at 7- 10 days intervals until conditions are no longer favourable for disease development. Spray more often during rainy weather or during periods of high relative humidity. Preventing an infestation by using MycoDim will help to maintain healthy plants. MycoDim may also be applied post-harvest to affected plant parts to decrease overwintering inoculum.
In cases of moderate to severe infestation, MycoDim can be used to manage plant diseases by spraying plants completely with a mixture of 5g per litre of water. The fungicide kills mold / mildew spores within few seconds of contact by causing an immediate dehydration of he spores and destruction of the cell walls. Affected leaves may not recover, however, new growths will be protected. Dilute MycoDim with water before applying. Carefully measure and mix the recommended quantities of product and water. Mix the solution thoroughly before use. Apply the solution to all exposed surfaces of the plant. Use sufficient spray volume to obtain uniform and complete coverage of all foliage and stems for the most effective results. About 200 litres of this spray solution is sufficient to treat approximately one acre of field crops. USPs of MycoDim
  • Stable, water soluble powder
  • Tested broad spectrum efficacy
  • Sprays evenly and sticks to plant surfaces
  • Kills fungal pathogens on contact and provides up to 2 weeks of residual protection
  • No waiting period, vegetables can be harvested even 1 hour after spraying
  • Does not restrict plant growth
  • Safe, biocompatible and biodegradable active ingredient

  • When should I apply MycoDim?
    MycoDim needs to be applied before the fungal infection or entry in to the plant parts, before seeing the disease symptoms. A gardener has to be very attentive, regular to the garden and at least apply MycoDim immediately at the first signs of fungal disease. Then onwards, it has to be sprayed at 7-10 days interval for proper protection.

    How do contact fungicides like MycoDim work?
    Based on their effect, fungicides are classified as contact fungicides, systemic fungicides and translaminar fungicides. Contact fungicides like MycoDim are mostly preventive types, they can protect the plant part where the spray is deposited from infection or entry by inhibiting the fungi or fungal growth on the surface. Systemic fungicides are taken up by the plant tissues and redistributed through the xylem vessels, thus keeping the plants tolerant to the infection or reduce the spread of infection further. Translaminar fungicides when sprayed on the upper leaf surface, redistribute to the lower, unsprayed surface and protect the leaves from infection by plant pathogenic fungi.

    How often should I spray MycoDim on crop plants?
    It is better to repeat the MycoDim spray application at 7-10 days interval. However, in the rainy season and at high humidity conditions where both infection and spread of fungal pathogens becomes ramphant, more frequent sprays are required, better to spray at 5-7 days.

    Can you mix MycoDim with an insecticide?
    Tank mixing of MycoDim with other natural origin plant protectants like SasyaRakshak or NeemShakti to manage both fungus and pest insects is possible. Mixing with other synthetic pesticides is not correct not advisable.

    How long does MycoDim take to work?
    MycoDim is a contact fungicide, has to be used as a preventive remedy. Its residual period is less, may be 7-10 days. It has to be reapplied in this time period, this needs to covering the leaf surface or the plant parts always to protect the plants from infection.

    Whether MycoDim is a protective fungicide or curative fungicide?
    MycoDim is a protective fungicide or has a protective activity, develops a protective barrier around the treated plant parts and prevents entry or infection by fungal plant pathogens. If the fungicide is curative in action, initial infection by the pathogen occurs even when the fungicide ingredient is present within plant tissue, but stops further colonization and growth of the pathogen in the plant tissues.

    Can I water after applying MycoDim?
    MycoDim needs to be covering the plant surface always to provide the best protection. If it is washed from the surface, expected protection against infection or fungal entry is reduced. We can do furrow irrigation, flood irrigation or drip irrigation but using sprinklers, jets or pipe irrigation after the spray will wash away the deposits.

    Does rain wash away MycoDim?
    Light rains after the spray application of MycoDim is fine, but heavy rains within 3 hours of application wash off the MycoDim deposits on the targeted surface. We need to reapply at the recommended dosage if there is heavy rains after the spray.

    What is quantity of MycoDim required for a unit area?
    The quantity of spray solution required to cover the area or crop plants depends on the age, stage, plant population, type of crop plants, type of sprayer, etc. For complete coverage of plants in an acre with MycoDim about 200 litres of spray liquid required and quantity of MycoDim suggested is 1.0 Kg. About 10 litres of MycoDim spray liquid required to cover 500 sq. ft. terrace garden/kitchen garden situation, with high volume sprayer (Manual, hand operated or backpack sprayers) with 200-250 containers/plants of  tomato/chilli/brinjal/bhendi/beans/ridge gourd/bitter gourd, etc., of 40-50 days old actively growing plants and thus quantity of MycoDim required is 50g. For fruit trees like mango, sapota, guava, pomegranate, etc., of 5 years old plants in well maintained plantations, 2 kgs of MycoDim is required in about 400 liters of water. As the trees grow older and spread, the quantity of spray solution will be more.

    Whether MycoDIm Phytotoxic?
    No, at the recommended level of 5-10 g per litre, it has not shown any phytotoxicity in any of our field trials. Very high dosages and tank mixing with other synthetic pesticides, can have some problems and we need to be careful.

    Is MycoDim harmful to humans and higher animals?
    The acute oral toxicity is more than 5000 mg/kg body weight and safe to humans and other nontarget animals. It is little irritating to the skin and eyes. Inhalation of spray particles or dust of MycoDim may cause irritation to throat, sneezing, and coughing and therefore it is  always suggested to use proper precautionary system while spraying.

    Do we need to wear PPEs while applying MycoDim on crop plants?
    MycoDim can be an eye or skin irritant and cause certain problems on inhalation of spray particles and dust. It is better to use Personal Protection Equipment like goggles, nose mask, hand gloves, overcoat, shoes while handling and spraying MycoDim.

    Can you eat fruits and vegetables sprayed with MycoDim?
    MycoDim, after spray, gets deposited on the treated surface, to protect from fungal entry. It will be there on the surfaces only. A simple wash with warm water will remove the deposits and can be safely consumed.

    I find difficulty in spraying the solution on plants. Can we pour the MycoDim solution on plants for better result?
    No, MycoDim is to be sprayed with good sprayer forcefully forming proper droplets. Pouring leads to runoff and cannot make it to stick to the plants or proper coating deposition will not happen and thus expected results against plant pathogenic fungi will not be there.

    What are the storage recommendations for MycoDim?
    MycoDim is hygroscopic, has to be stored in airtight condition in a container. It will emit rancid smell if not stored properly. MycoDim can be stored in cool, dark and dry places for 12-18 months without losing the efficacy. It need not be refrigerated.

    Is there any expiry date for MycoDim?
    MycoDim if stored in dark, dry, cool place, can remain effective for 18 months. It is better to use the fresh stocks to explore its full potential, not correct to use beyond expiry.