Neem Protection against Plant Pests

Neem is traditionally known for its ability in plant protection. Neem seeds have the maximum pesticidal properties and used much to develop different kinds of neem formulations. Neem formulations are potential against certain pests, have been useful both in organic farming and integrated pest management systems. NeemShakti of BRICS LLP is a neem oil based Emulsifiable formulation where in many metabolites or principles of the neem are preserved to give good protection when sprayed on crop plants against insect pests.

What is NeemShaktiTM?
NeemShakti is a carefully developed neem based plant protectant using cold pressed neem seed extract, through continuous trials in laboratory and on crop plants. All pesticidal and potentiating factors of neem seeds are retained so that   it remains effective against variety of plant feeding pests.

How NeemShaktiTM  works?
NeemShakti is a Emulsifiable Concentrate (E.C.) formulation made of neem and act as insect repellent, oviposition deterrent, sterilant, growth regulator, stomach poison, etc. It spreads and coats nicely on the surface and thus can get into the insect body upon chewing, and affects further growth and development. NeemShakti can have deterrent and detrimental effects on sucking pests also and blends well with other systemic plant protectants like SasyaRakshak.

What are the ingredients in NeemShakti?

Neem Seed Kernel Extract60%
Inert and functional media40%

How to apply NeemShakti against plant pests?
NeemShakti can be used as foliar spray against insect pests feeding on above ground plant parts  or as soil drenching for soil inhabiting insects. It is sprayed on above ground plant parts at a dosage of 5-10 ml per liter of water, depending on crop stage and pest incidence situation. Using as a precautionary spray against variety of pests, always helps. It is highly biodegradable, the effect may persist for 6-7 days, repeating at an interval of 7-10 days brings the desired effect against insect pests. Aerial spray should nicely cover the crop plants. Sandwiching along with other biopesticides like SasyaRakshak will enhance the efficacy. Against soil insects like termites, root grubs, nematodes, etc., dilute 10 ml of NeemShakti in a liter of water and drench the plant base or surface with a minimum of 1 liter mixture per cubic feet.