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Dare to Care

Many ingredients in the common home care and personal care cleaning products are harmful to younger ones as the frequently in contact with toxic residues with their regular activity. Natural cleaner’s EcoSwachh 3R and EcoSattva 3R are mild and chemical free cleaning solutions and does not pose any dangerous health hazard.

Let us Rethink

Modern Life with Super consumption, we seek for superlative benefits in cleaning products, detergents, bleaching agents, specialized cleaners to keep our home sparking& Sweet smelling. The harmful chemicals and toxins in these cleaning products contribute to indoor pollution, which are poisonous if ingested, if inhaled or in contact with skin. Also, these toxins contaminate the environment. With EcoSwachh 3R and EcoSattva 3R Natural cleaners we make easy for you to live well. You can practice green lifestyle and control what you bring in to your home.

Harmonious Living

We work on “Cleaning Formula” and not the “Killing Formula”. We have beneficial microbes on our skin and in our body, which is needed to fight against harmful bacteria. Many researches confirm that antibacterial cleaning is not effective to prevent diseases and it increases the chance of “Super Resistance Bugs”. Let us clean, without toxins and preserve the micro biome.

Idea for Value Addition

There is large segment of synthetic products, for home care and personal hygiene in one part and abundant natural resource underutilized in other part. The synthetic products with hazardous chemicals, bleachers, chelating agents contaminating the environment. We provide Eco-friendly, Natural cleaners made of Soap nut and Shikakai for safe and chemical free cleaning. It is an effort for value edition to natural resources Soap nut and Shikakai through bio-based innovations and to offer safer products for modern green lifestyle.

Reuse – Recycle

The need of an hour is to replace these chemical driven cleaning products with Eco-friendly natural alternatives. Recycling and Reusing of water are an obligation on everyone. Synthetic detergents and its unscrupulous usage have ruined the subsoil and water resource. The natural cleaners also help in reusing and recycling the spent water and a way forward for “Safe Grey Water” concept.

Natural Ingredient’s

Many conventional cleaning products made of synthetic chemicals are carcinogens, hormone disruptors, allergens, respiratory irritants and it cause long term health hazards to the user. It also causes environment pollution.We use Natural Ingredients, Soap nut and Shikakai in our cleaning products. These natural ingredients are safe and biodegradable in nature and kind to subsoil and aquatic life.

About Brics

Biological Research Innovation Centre and Solutions LLP (BRICS LLP) is founded in august 2015 with the prompt intention to develop sustainable and safer technologies using bio-based innovations. Or broad vision is to work with ideas RETHINK, REUSE, and REBUILD with high respect to biodiversity and to the benefit of all the Stakeholders. The focus is on R&D with a multifaced approach to generate the IPRS, to Design and Develop safer innovative products for use in Green lifestyle practices, and organic crop production, for better human and society’s well-being.


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Our research objectives at BRICS LLP are to work with 3R conceptRethink; Reuse and Rebuild. We strongly believe in developing sustainable technologies using natural.


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Value Addition tot natural resources, Local Community Development


To check pollution Converse the natural resource


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