Phytonic Plus

Phytonic Plus

Natural Plant Growth Promoter

Farming and gardening are practiced with extensive use of synthetic chemicals, ignoring their proven deleterious effects on environment and ecology. Many synthetics are not quickly degradable and lead to their accumulation contaminating soils, surface and ground-water, and thus affecting whole ecosystem. Drastic decrease in crop productivity has been reported due to such abuse and efforts are continuing to look at the safer biodegradable plant nutrition options.

Traditionally, animal dung, crop residues, husks and green manures are turned into soil to compensate nutrients that gets exhausted due to continuous cropping. Today all cultivated crops are supplied with industrially produced, easily available synthetic chemicals for nutrition and growth, and in most cases excessively. The organic matter content in soils
have gone down drastically and the productivity is affected. Safer and efficient alternatives are being thought of, looking at the nutrition needs of the plants and also considering safety to the life in soil and water bodies. Phytonic Plus, the Growth Promoter or a Plant Booster designed by BRICS LLP, is a science-based formulation made with natural origin ingredients, to enhance the health, growth and yields of crop plants, ornamentals, flower plants and perennial trees.

Phytonic Plus helps in soil rejuvenation and in boosting the plant growth. It is more beneficial in situations, particularly in
gardening, where crop rotation practices are inapplicable. It is specially designed to supplement the nutrient requirements at flowering and fruiting to avoid dropping of flowers and fruits.
Phytonic Plus is completely biodegradable, and safe to environment. It is non-toxic, and so leaching from soils into
water is not harmful. It is safe to the operator and other non-targets. It can integrate in the existing and prevailing cultural
practices and gardening methods. Phytonic Plus offers the most economical solution to sustaining and increasing crop yields.

How Phytonic Plus help the crop plants?
Phytonic Plus is a plant tonic that contains many vital elements. These elements are quickly bioavailable and support vegetative growth and robustness. Such robust plants are more tolerant to changes in the environment. Phytonic Plus due to its composition, accurate pH, and other factors, helps the plants to perform better, better photosynthesis, thus increasing the quantity and quality of crop yields. The uniform and accurate composition helps in fostering pest tolerance qualities to a plant and can shorten growth cycle.

What are the benefits of Phytonic Plus in gardening?
 Enhances soil nutrition and improves nutrient uptake
 Produces deeper root mass
 Strengthens soil structure
 Improves water holding capacity
 Chelate toxins
 Promote eco balance

How to use Phytonic Plus in Gardening/Farming?
Phytonic Plus is a growth promoter, dissolves in water and easy to apply as a foliar spray or as soil drench to the plant root system. It can be used for seed treatment to enhance the growth and also for root dipping before transplanting.
Foliar spray: 400-500 ml/acre @ 2 ml/l

Soil application: 2 l/acre diluted with water @ 5ml/l in about 400 l of water

Seed coating: 10 ml/Kg seed

Feeding through drip irrigation: 1 l/acre, dissolved in 200 l of water

Root dipping: 10 ml/l of water for few minutes before transplanting

What are the ingredients in Phytonic Plus?
Humic acid and other organic acids from organic matter, extracts from fruit peels, pulp and useful weeds.

Which are the vital nutrients in Phytonic Plus?

Phytonic Plus is designed to have different primary, secondary and trace elements which are vital for plant growth. The composition of them is as below.

NutrientsConcentration (mg/l)

How to treat seeds/seedlings with Phytonic Plus?
Required quantity of seeds are taken in a bowl or drum, Phytonic Plus is added @ 10 ml/kg seed. The drum is rotated to give a uniform coating and then dried in shade for about 2-3 hours in a thin layer before using for sowing. For root dipping of seedlings, the recommended quantity of Phytonic Plus (10 ml/l) is mixed in required quantity of water, roots are dipped
for about 5 minutes and kept aside for an hour in shade before planting.

Can I water after applying Phytonic Plus?
No, there should be a gap of at least 24 hours before giving water to plants. Phytonic Plus is a liquid, easily dissolves in water and has different nutrients in readily available form. It has to be diluted and applied as suggested here. After applying Phytonic Plus, the plants need time to absorb all nutrients, otherwise, there will be further dilution and possibility of losing

When and what frequency should I apply Phytonic Plus in container gardening?
Generally the nutrients added in the growing medium at the time of sowing is sufficient for first 30-35 days of plant growth. The requirement increases as the plant grows. Top-up with nutrients in the form of compost is required. Application of Phytonic Plus, either as soil drenching or as foliar spray can start at around 40 days and can continue at 12-15 days
interval till 100 days of crop growth. However, for leafy greens, one application of Phytonic Plus at 20-25 days after planting will be sufficient.

What happens if I use more quantities of Phytonic Plus than suggested quantities?
Overuse of Phytonic Plus as a soil application may not be detrimental to plants, but it is wastage of nutrients. More nutrition sometimes leads to excessive vegetative growth and yields may be affected. However, overuse for foliar application can cause certain blotches on the leaves. Always use as per recommendation.

Is Phytonic Plus harmful to humans and animals?
Phytonic Plus is safe to humans and animals. However, it is not for human or animal consumption and we need to be careful. Accidental contact or spillage on body parts will not have any effect. Normal washing with running water is sufficient.

If accidently Phytonic Plus comes in contact with the eyes, hands or the skin or if ingested, what is advisable?
In case of accidental exposure of Phytonic Plus with eyes/skin, not necessarily to be panicky, immediate washing with mild soaps will remove the material from the surface. If ingested, drink more of water and seek medical advice.

Whether Phytonic Plus is organic? 
Phytonic Plus is carefully designed plant booster, mixing ingredients and extracts from various natural origin materials. It cannot be termed ‘Organic’ as it is not certified yet, but all ingredients and processes are acceptable in organic farming and gardening.

What are the storage recommendations for Phytonic Plus?
Phytonic Plus is to be stored in cool, dark and dry places for better shelf life. It should not be refrigerated.

Can we store the mixed solution of Phytonic Plus if the preparation is excess?
Phytonic Plus, once diluted in the recommended dilution, has to be used within 24 hours of mixing. It is important to mix as per the requirement, with proper estimation.

Is there any expiry date for Phytonic Plus?
If stored in dark, dry, cool place, Phytonic Plus can remain effective for 18 months. It is better to use the fresh stocks to explore its full potential, not correct to use