Plant Care in Urban Gardens​

Urban Gardening has a purpose of having greenery around, not the livelihood focus. With greenery around, there will be always a pleasant lively feeling and that is a must to relieve from today’s stressful urban living. Being more emotional and also being high on the pyramid, it is obligation on humans to take care of less emotional life systems (very diverse plants, animals, on ground and in water bodies) around us.
Urbanization is inevitable and we are witnessing the considerable shift in our process and ideas of urban living. Urbanites are more comfortable to live in communities, sharing costs and responsibilities to build the communities and also greenery to the place. Whether it is a Gated Community or an Apartment Complex, plenty breathing space is left, for beautification and lung spaces. Different types of plants are planted, but they are mostly grasses (Lawns), flower plants, ornamentals, avenue trees and the very recent addition is urban foodscapes. Though it is said that plants adjust to grow and perform, they look nice and grow healthily if they are supported or protected against abiotic and biotic stresses. Generally in urban gardens, whether it is public garden spaces or private protected gardens, pruning (trimming) and water are ensured but other requirements like plant nutrition and protection are completely ignored. In some cases, highly dangerous synthetics are used, polluting further the already degraded surroundings and completely defeating the purpose of urban gardening. This note should give some insights into the plant care part of varied type of plants in our gardens using simple and safer options.