Research Outline

Research Outline

Our research objectives at BRICS LLP are to work with 3R conceptRethink; Reuse and Rebuild. We strongly believe in developing sustainable technologies using natural, efficient and safe ingredients, applying and adopting eco-friendly process. The prime concern in our technology development is to recycle and conserve the natural resources. The absolute goal is to work specifically on developing sustainable and safer technologies in organic crop production systems, healthcare and household care.  We are constantly working in collaboration with research scientists in academic institutions, farmers’ organisations and many others in the supply chain.  At the end, the ecosystem with various stakeholders should gain from all the efforts that we put in our research and product development.

BRICS LLP has firm focus to develop efficient and eco-friendly technologies for plant protection using treasure of diverse botanicals around us. We are working on developing array of products in organic crop production systems viz., Bio-pesticides, Wide spectrum botanical pesticides, Plant Tonics, Enriched compost, etc.

Health care and Household care products

BRICS research team is developing oral care products such as herbal mouth wash, denture wash for oral hygiene and health. We intend to research on to device for household care such as safe and green laundry products using surfactants of biological and botanical origins, modern enzyme technologies matching and marching towards healthy lifestyle practises. Further, environment friendly room fresheners and natural mosquito repellents are in our research mind.

Ideas to PoC

Few of our research projects at concept stage are in waste water treatment using functionalised nano-particles, application of rhamnolipid biosurfactants in diverse product formulations.